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Bronze Persian Snaffle

This jointed snaffle bit is made of bronze, which has a certain amount of verdigris. It is a four ring snaffle, also known as a Wilson snaffle and, in some 19th Century texts (The Loriner, Benjamin Latchford), a Persian snaffle. The rings are all small. The mouthpiece is covered in spikes - these appear to have been applied after the bit was cast. One spike has broken off.

As for origin - I bought it with some 19th Century Indian bits, but they were all steel. The bit rings seem small for the bit to be Indian, more like examples from further east - I've never seen a spiked Chinese bit, possibly Persian?

Dimensions : Total length 6½" (16.7cm), Rings 1½" (3.8cm) diameter

Ref : Bit372

Bronze Persian snaffle Bronze Persian snaffle Bronze Persian snaffle Bronze Persian snaffle

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