A Collection of Horse Bits

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Unusual Bits

Bit447 Branch Cheeked Bit (Sold)

Bit454 South American Horse Bit

Bit372 Persian Snaffle

Bit373 Indian Four Ring Snaffle

Bit304 Drenching bit

Bit084 Tattersall ring bit

Bit145 Hitchcock gag

Bit165 Brazilian military bit

Bit194 Mexican Ring bit

Bit246 South American bit 

Bit249 Old Curb bit 

Bit255 Luristan Bit (not for sale)

Bit262 Ring bit 

Bit271 American bit 

Bit278 Trotting bit 

Bit281 Small Curb bit 

Bit282 Butterfly or Spring bit 

Bit287 Butterfly or Spring bit with rowels 

Bit288 Jointed Butterfly or Spring bit 

Bit295 Silver Inlaid Ring bit

Bit318 Latchford Check Bit 

Snaffle Bits

Eggbutt Snaffles

Bit035 Flat loose ring snaffle

Bit037 Jointed cheek snaffle

Bit065 Breaking bit

Bit086 Mouthing bit with keys

Bit096 Small spoon cheeked snaffle

Bit099 Colts snaffle with players

Bit100 Mouthing bit with players

Bit119 Half ball-cheek snaffle

Bit157 Wilson snaffle

Bit176 Snaffle with players

Bit183 Chain mouth cheek snaffle

Bit188 Ball cheek snaffle

Bit196 Snaffle with players

Bit209 Ball cheek snaffle 

Bit210 Small loose ring snaffle 

Bit217 Jointed bridoon

Bit221 Small cheek snaffle 

Bit274 Small Ball Cheek Snaffle 

Bit277 Half Spoon Cheek Snaffle 

Bit422 Steel X or Y mouthed snaffle
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Weymouth Bits

Weymouth curb bit

Bit276 Fixed Cheek Weymouth  Back to top

Pelham Bits

Pelham bit

Bit427 Old Rule Jointed Pelham

Bit182 Hanoverian Pelham

Bit215 Japanned globe cheek pelham 

Bit327 Small Ashleigh Elbow bit  Back to top

Driving Bits

Liverpool bit

Bit419 Buxton Carriage Bit by Wilson & Co

Bit066Pair of Buxtons

Bit067Gig bit

Bit095 Reversible Liverpool bit

Bit130 Gig Bit with roller

Bit147 Flat cheek Liverpool bit

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