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Ranchero Ingenuity

This is an old Mexican ring bit It was obviously much used, it has lost its chains and a couple of silver studs. I love the fact that a previous owner or their blacksmith has replaced the rein loops with … Continue reading

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A Devon Stirrup

You learn something new every day – today I learned that leather slipper stirrups were also known as “Devon” stirrups and I learned rather too much about Basil leather. This is a rather worn leather slipper stirrup – it was … Continue reading

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Miniature Stirrups

I recently bought a silver slipper stirrup from an online auction – I probably should have read the description more carefully, I was a little surprised when it arrived … I don’t know if it was made as a toy … Continue reading

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The Tailor of Leigh on Sea

OK, this isn’t exactly a John le CarrĂ© story – it is, however an interesting glimpse into someone’s life… I recently bought a collection of cowboy / western gear – it’s always intriguing to wonder how it ended up here … Continue reading

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How did this spur end up here ?

This old spur came as part of a collection of rather more glamorous 18th Century examples Frankly I wondered why the previous collector had bothered to keep it. Yes, it was old, likely late 18th century, but not an unusual … Continue reading

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Cope Safety Stirrups

It is a frustrating fact that very few old sidesaddle safety stirrups will fit a modern boot. So I was very pleased to find TWO large Cope safety stirrups in the bottom of a case of tack Just a minute … Continue reading

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Saddle Flask with Compass

Several years ago I wrote about a whip with a compass in the handle : Read more here So, I was pleased to find this Champion & Wilton saddle flask with a space in its lid for a compass : … Continue reading

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Latchford, the Loriner (and Grave Despoiler?)

If you find yourself in Trafalgar Square I would recommend visiting the crypt of St.Martin-in-the-fields for several reasons : It is a remarkable brick built vaulted structure They have an excellent cafe And high up on one of the pillars … Continue reading

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Old Riding Schools

This fascinating advert appears in the Bath Directory of 1846 : It reads : “CARTER’S Riding School, Livery & Commission Stables, Top of Russell Street, Bath Ladies & Gentlemen taught the Polite Art of Riding by an Experienced Master Horses … Continue reading

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Stirrups, Shells and Shipwrecks

A maritime exhibition in a museum of archaeology might not be the most obvious place to find a silver stirrup. However this was part of the exhibition of maritime archaeology at Lisbon’s Archaeological Museum It is catalogued as a silver … Continue reading

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