Japanese Whip or Muchi

This was advertised as a Japanese donkey whip :

Japanese whip or Muchi

Japanese whip or Muchi

It seems a bit grand for a donkey with its silver cap.
And why (and how) is it curled ?

Spiral bamboo

Spiral bamboo

Curled bamboo

Another view of the curled bamboo

A bit of internet research taught me that Japanese horse whips are called muchi.
They can be made of willow or bamboo ( and there is a metal version used as a weapon)
There are many pictures of samurai carrying bamboo whips, but they all seemed to be straight.
Until I saw this :

Statue of samurai

Lord Shigetada at Musashi shrine

It is a statue of the Kamakura period warlord Shigetada Hatakeyama on horsebackĀ at Musashi shrine on Mount Mitake.
And he is carrying a curled whip.

And then I read about “lucky” bamboo , the curled bamboo that was everywhere a few years ago.
You can still get it at Ikea even….

Dracaena - lucky bamboo

The spiral growth pattern is achieved by using light from one direction only and slowly turning the plant – phototropism, I seem to recall from biology.

And while I’m thinking about biology I seriously need to treat it for woodworm – did you see the size of the insect holes in it ? I don’t want anything alive escaping from those…

Whip lash

Whip lash

Whip cap

Silver whip cap

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