Spur Manufacture

Things have definitely got out of hand when you get excited about a collection of unmatched spurs…

Maxwell Dress or Levée Spurs

But these are interesting for a few reasons.

Some are decorated with patterns I have not seen before :
Maxwell dress spurMaxwell dress spur
Maxwell dress spur
Maxwell levée spur
Officer;s spur
Military spur

Box spur
Maxwell spur
Mess dress spur
Dress spur

But what makes them really interesting is the fact that they are unfinished so we can learn a little about the manufacturing process.
The bodies of the spurs were cast , the stubs from the casting process can still be seen on a few examples.

Casting stub

Stub from casting

The slots or boxes which hold the rowels have not been cut yet :

Maxwell spur

Most do not have the steel prong that fits into the box in the heel of the boot yet. Intriguingly there are initials stamped inside the heel bands where this prong will attach. Perhaps these corresponded to a particular craftsmen ? And if so, were they paid per spur or was it for quality control ?

Stamp on spur
stamp on spur

Several have traces of copper on them, which would have been used before plating

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