A Recycling Farrier ?

antique blacksmiths tool

How’s this for recycling?
This set of hoof pincers have been made from a pair of old files or rasps. You can see the ridges of one file in the detailed image below.
They are probably late nineteenth or early twentieth century. I think they show an ingenious use of materials & skill. New tools were probably expensive at the time, and old steel was softer than modern stainless steel. This meant that rasps could wear out – but they could also be worked into a new shape and find a new use.

antique blacksmiths tool

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One Response to A Recycling Farrier ?

  1. Bob Burgess says:

    Tools made from recycled horse rasps are quite common – few smiths would throw away such a useful piece of high carbon steel.

    Farrier’s pincers, such as these, vary greatly in quality (I would rate these as mid range) – the best were reputedly made by a travelling blacksmith in the UK, Jack Millet, known as Pincer Jack he travelled the UK from forge to forge making tools for the local smith.

    One of the last working smiths to actively make tools from old rasps was Alfred (Arthur??) Willis of Bramley in Hants who specialised in making billhooks – which usually bear his name and lieu, i.e. WILLIS BRAMLEY