Unusual Sidesaddle Cane

Sidesaddle cane with spur

The Swiss Army knife of sidesaddle canes ?
The handle of this cane is both a spur and a hammer (sometimes known as a locksmasher – although it looks a bit dainty to smash many locks…).
I had seen this design in old saddlery catalogues, but was excited to get the chance to buy one.
Sidesaddle canes are carried in the right hand and are used to replace the aids that the offside leg would deliver. In this example one can imagine a rather formidable rider turning the cane upside down to deliver a more forceful message… No wonder the French for sidesaddle is “selle d’amazone”

It is a beautiful object though. It was made by Ashford & Co, a company of whipmakers based in Birmingham in the late 19th century, they held a royal warrant.
The handle is silver plated, the collar is decorated with a fox mask. There is a blank cartouche or shield on the collar.
The shaft or stock is made of red-gold malacca cane. There would have been a keeper or loop of rawhide at its end, I will have this replaced.
Sidesaddle cane with spurSidesaddle cane with spur

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  1. Grant Beale says:

    I have one of these & would love to know its worth, thanks