1928 UP saddle

Sorry, this saddle has been sold

From the date I think this is a Mark III Universal Pattern British military saddle. (Please correct me if I am wrong. The front arch is rigid, although there are slots so that the attachment of the wooden and canvas parts of the tree is adjustable)

The leather is in good condition. On the waist of the seat it is stamped "C.A. & Co, 1928". It has steel arches at the front and back. The cantle is spoon shaped. There are roller stirrup bars. The felt numnah or pad under the saddle is in reasonable condition, the leather strap that secures it over the wooden frame at the front of the offside is broken. The girth straps are complete.

Length from front arch to tip of cantle 54cm (approx 22")

UP saddle Military saddle Stamp on saddle lining of saddle Damage to saddle pommel cantle


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