A Collection of Spurs

New Arrivals

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Sterling Silver Spurs

Spur147 1805 Georgian Silver Spurs

Spur177 1820 Georgian Silver Spurs

Spur274 1799 18th Century Silver Spurs

Spur276 18th Century Silver Spurs with Lion Masks (Sold)

Box Spurs for Military or Cavalry Use

Box spurs in racks

Spur309 Maxwell Officers Dress spurs (Sold)

Spur206 Maxwell Gilt Dress spurs

Spur307 Maxwell Swan Necked Box Spurs (Sold)

Spur264 Maxwell Officers Dress Spurs (Sold)

Spur252 Swan Necked Box Spurs

Spur305 Engraved Box Spurs

Spur060 Maxwell brass box spurs

Spur061 Maxwell brass box spurs

Spur110 Maxwell brass box spurs

Box spurs date back to the wearing of overalls by the army. Not all military spurs were box spurs, sometimes hunting or jack spurs were worn (particularly by the Life Guards & Horse Guards). As breeches and boots were introduced to the cavalry uniform, the box spur became part of mess dress. (Ref : "History of the Spur", Charles de Lacy Lacy)

Spur189 Swan necked military pattern spurs

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Vintage Hunting Spurs with Buttons & Buckles
or Military Pattern Spurs

Spurs with buttons and buckles

Spur341 Nickel hunting spurs (Sold)

Spur312 Peal spurs (Sold)

Spur189 19th Heavy Swan Necked spurs

Hunting Spurs without Buckles

Spur062 Prince of Wales spurs

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Other Spurs

Antique Arab Prick Spurs

Spur266 Fine swan necked spurs

Spur185 Writhen Steel spurs (Sold)

Spur197 Latin American spur (Reserved)

Spur198 Latin Americam spur

Spur017 Single Mexican spur (Sold)

Spur213 14th century spur (Sold)

Spur031 Old Espuela Grande

Spur078 Pair Eberle silver spurs (Sold)

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