Sold Antique & Collectible Stirrups for Sale

A Collection of Antique Stirrups


Sidesaddle Stirrups

Conquistador Stirrups

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Moorish Stirrups

Stirrup114 Pair of Ottoman Stirrups

Chinese & Mongolian Stirrups

Stirrup178 Stirrups with dragons (Sold)

Stirrup179 Tibetan stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup155 Early Chinese / Mongolian Stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup140 Chinese Stirrups (Sold)

Indian & Central Asian Stirrups

Stirrup116 17th Century Mughal stirrup (Sold)

Latin American Stirrups

("Conquistador" stirrups are in their own section)

Stirrup163 Brazilian Cavalry Stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup165 Chilean Wooden Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup166 Miniature Chilean Wooden Stirrups

Other Stirrups (including military)

Stirrup250 Pair of Stirrups with round treads (Reserved)

Stirrup204 Pair of Bronze African Stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup205 Pair of African Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup170 Leather Child's Toe or Clog Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup033 Heavy Lancers Stirrup

Stirrup084 Antique Tapadero Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup093 Childs Leather Toe Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup095 Childs Leather Clog Stirrups (Reserved)

Stirrup104 Single Steel Stirrup

Stirrup105 Single Steel Stirrup

Stirrup107 Pair of Leather Cowherds Stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup113 Medieval stirrup (Sold)

Stirrup120 French Cage Stirrups (Sold)

Stirrup123 Wood and Brass Stirrups

Stirrup127 Early Steel Stirrup (Sold)

Stirrup128 Early Steel Stirrup (Sold)

Stirrup144 Stirrups with Spurs (Sold)

Stirrup199 French Cage Stirrup (Sold)

Stirrup200 French Cage Stirrup (Reserved)

Stirrup201 French Cage Stirrup (Reserved)

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