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Modified Driving Bit

I’m trying to work out what has happened to this bit and why. It’s a 19th Century steel Austrohungarian driving bit with an arched mouth – that much is clear. However on its near (left) side it has a Pelham … Continue reading

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Beery Four-in-One Bit

I’ve had this bit for a while. I had assumed it was some sort of harness bit, but I have just learned that it is a Beery 4 Way or Four-in-One Bit “Professor” Jesse Beery (1861-1945) was an interesting man. … Continue reading

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Japanese Whip or Muchi

This was advertised as a Japanese donkey whip : It seems a bit grand for a donkey with its silver cap. And why (and how) is it curled ? A bit of internet research taught me that Japanese horse whips … Continue reading

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Some South American spurs can be huge ( they are thought to have developed from the Spanish Colonial “Espuela Grande” after all ). So how do they stay in position ? Many gaucho spurs have large pierced heel plates or … Continue reading

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A Hanoverian Bit

These days the Hanoverian mouthpiece is usually found on a pelham bit or occasionally on a snaffle It has a large central port with rollers on each side. The rollers are supposed to encourage the horse to relax its jaw, … Continue reading

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Georgian Riding Belts

If I were King George IV I’m not sure that I would have given my Royal Warrant to someone who made “riding belts” so that they could effectively advertise my need for a corset. In Shaun Cole’s “The Story of … Continue reading

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Vigor’s Horse Action Saddle

A few years ago I was hugely amused by this advert : So, when I saw one at auction I needed little encouragement to buy it : Considering its age (it dates from the 1890′s ) it’s in pretty good … Continue reading

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A Pair of Hercules Bronze Spurs with a History

One of the frustrations of buying things at auction is that they often come without any history or provenance and I am left wondering how some piece of cowboy equipment ended up here in the South West of England. Well, … Continue reading

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Antique Saddle Engraving

Yet another mystery … I am trying to find the source of this engraving : At first I thought it might come from Diderot & d’Alembert’s Encyclopaedia, but it doesn’t. I have spent far too long looking for images of … Continue reading

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Dogon Noseband

It probably demonstrates my ignorance, but when I think of African bridles I tend to picture rather severe-looking ring bits. So the metal nosebands sometimes used by the Dogon people were a pleasant discovery. They are used as a hackamore … Continue reading

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