Dogon Noseband

It probably demonstrates my ignorance, but when I think of African bridles I tend to picture rather severe-looking ring bits.

African ring bit

African ring bit

So the metal nosebands sometimes used by the Dogon people were a pleasant discovery.
They are used as a hackamore or bitless bridle.
I picked this one up at auction recently :

Dogon noseband

The images below come from Debbie Logan’s wonderfulMali Ride Blog. Sadly due to security concerns I don’t think any rides are running at the moment, however there is an online shop : African Desert Crafts

Dogon noseband

The T-shaped piece sits on the horse’s nose and the lobed loop under the chin

Dogon horse with saddle & bridle

Dogon horse with traditional saddle & bridle

My example is made of hand forged steel with brass or bronze decorative elements.
It came from a collection and has a label which reads “Mali XIX”, presumably meaning Mali 19th century.

Decoration on African noseband

Nosepiece of African bridle

Links of Dogon noseband

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