Vigor’s Horse Action Saddle

A few years ago I was hugely amused by this advert :

Advertisement for horse riding exercise machine

So, when I saw one at auction I needed little encouragement to buy it :

Considering its age (it dates from the 1890′s ) it’s in pretty good condition.
It has lost its handlebars, and is absolutely filthy, but looks like a fun restoration project for the next few weeks (or more likely months)

Vigor's mechanical horse

It has settings for Trot , Canter & Gallop and on a tentative trial ride still seems to work – watch this space for a clip of it in action once it has new handlebars….

Settings on exercise horse

Vigor & Company had premises at 21, Baker Street in London. They also produced other contraptions such as rowing machines and exercise bicycles. The British Library has a copy of one of their advertisements which promotes their “well ventilated private rooms” where one could make use of eight exercises for one guinea – you can see it here

I think mine could come into its own after Christmas , for the stimulation of my liver and reduction of corpulence

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