Edwardian Hunt

Edwardian hunt

I recently bought a bundle of old photographs. I spent ages looking at this one, trying to work out its date. Then I did the obvious & took it out of its frame. Obligingly someone has written on the back “Meet April 14th 1906 at Coker”

I had thought it looked quite spring-like, it must have been the final lawn meet of the season. The Coker connection means that it was probably the Cattistock hunt, who are still based in Dorset & Somerset.

Edwardian hunt

The details are fantastic – the child on the donkey caught my eye, it could be a boy or a girl in that era, probably a boy because riding astride. Splendid hat though. Also I can just make out the leather toe / clog stirrups, which pleases me because I have a couple of pairs of them.

Behind the donkey group there is another woman in a fabulous Edwardian frock. Who can go within 100 yards of a horse or donkey in a dress like that without getting liberally smeared in grass, slobber or worse?

One of the huntsman is riding in a snaffle – interesting. I had thought that was frowned upon at the time. How does the saying go again? Something along the lines of “Fools, damn fools and the man who hunts in a snaffle”.
The horse’s docked tail is something of a shock.

Edwardian hunt

There are carriages, and everyone is wearing hats – from the mounted followers in silk top hats to boys in caps.

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One Response to Edwardian Hunt

  1. Chris says:

    Fantastic photo! Thanks for sharing.

    Not to be pedantic, but the rider pictured is a whipper-in, not the huntsman. The huntsman is on the grey on the left, behind the donkey.

    The set of couples hanging from the saddle and stirrup leather over the shoulder are a whip’s appointments.

    There are a few snaffles in the pic. The top-hatted gent behind the whip is also in a snaffle.