Mystery Horse Collar ?

Brightly coloured horse driving collar  

Have you ever seen another collar like this ?
That isn’t a rhetorical question. I would really like to know.

I bought this collar in a box at a junk sale, with an English hunting whip that I actually wanted & some Royal Wedding saucers that I didn’t. No cups, just about 100 saucers badly painted with Charles & Di – I donated those to the local Scouts who used them on a shooting range at the village fete.

Anyway, the collar fascinates me – it is quite well made, and too large to have been produced as a tourist souvenir. The bulk of the leather on the back appears as if it may have been crudely de-scaled – is it reptile or oddly finished ostrich?

The top of the collar is quite tall, the front panel is embroidered and decorated with mirrors

The rest of the collar is decorated with tufts of brightly coloured wool. Maybe it’s Indian – remember the Diana Vreeland quote about pink being the navy blue of India? There is a thick coloured braid on each side of the collar. There are more images at .
If you have any theories about it I would love to hear them

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