Spurs & Birds

I’ve spent far too much of today contemplating a spur.
I’ve no idea of its provenance, I bought it at auction with a load of silver plated dinnerware.
eagle headed spur

Eagles aren’t uncommon in military spurs, there’s a thriving trade in reproduction eagle headed confederate officers’ spurs, but unsurprisingly no crowns there. Eagle headed spur

There is a reference to brass spurs with crowned eagle decoration for the pageant in Godfrey Bosvile’s 1908 book on Horses, Horsemen & Stable Management – but this refers to a 16th century spur & I believe that mine is later.

So how does my spur differ from its republican cousin? Well, the crown is a pretty good place to start. There have been many eagles used in military contexts over time. I recently visited Budapest, where I bought some Austro-Hungarian dress spurs that feature an eagle.

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2 Responses to Spurs & Birds

  1. The Prussians used a crowned eagle logo, as distinct from Napoleon’s plain-headed bird. Just a thought.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you. I am horribly ignorant about military / cavalry history, so always delighted to be pointed in the right direction. Off to Vienna for a conference this week – I believe they have good arms & armour & cavalry museums there, so will have to investigate. Thank you again, Anna