Saddle Labels

Here’s a framed collection saddle labels that I bought last autumn. I guess that it came from a saddler’s shop and the labels came from old or broken saddles. They make fascinating reading and I couldn’t resist researching some of the makers a little.

Saddlers labels in a frame

Running from left to right and top row to bottom the labels read :

J. A. Barnsby & Sons “Saddlery for All Nations” Walsall & London
Barnsby saddles are still in business today, the company’s website tells their history from 1793 here

Andrew Watt & Sons, Saddlers, Edinburgh
I have found records of some saddlery by these makers from the 1920′s and they appear in a court case in 1911 dealing with a fraudulent sponge salesman. (details here )

Label from saddle by Wilkinson & Kidd

Wilkinson & Kidd, 5 Hanover Square, London. Established 1786
Wilkinson & Kidd are recorded in Dickens Directory of London in 1879 by Charles Dickens Jr – the publication only listed tradesmen / shops which had a Royal appointment. Wilkinson & Kidd are listed along with Cuff & Son of Curzon Street, Musson & Son of Arabella Row, Peat & Co of Piccadilly and Whippy, Stegall & Flemming of North Audley Street. (As an aside, Charles Dickens Jr was the son of Charles Dickens the novelist.) Wilkinson & Kidd are also listed amongst the “First class harness makers” by Athol Maudsley in his 1888 book “Highways & Horses”.

The company was bought by Champion & Wilton in 1901

Gidden , Streatham St. London WC1
W.H.Gidden were established in 1806 and are still operating today. According to their website the Duke of Wellington went into battle against Napoleon in 1815 in one of their saddles. The company was bought by Schneider Boots in 1999.

Bulman, Maker, Beverley
Bulmers Directory of Beverley in 1892 lists : “Bulman, Thomas – Saddler – North Bar without”

Gidden, Streatham St. London WC1
Gidden also bought the saddlers A McDougall in 1959

Parker & Parker, 10 & 11 Upper St.Martins Lane, London WC
There have been other saddlers using the name Parker – George Parker & Sons, and Parker Bros, but I cannot find a link between them and this precise address. George Parker & Sons are registered at 12 Upper St Martins Lane in 1927. Interestingly Latchford, the loriner is listed at 11 Upper St Martins Lane in Dickens Directory in 1879.
Getty images have a picture of Parker Bros saddlery in 1890 here, but it may not be the right Parkers.

J & J Johnston Saddlers & Harness Makers, 1 Bridge Street, Kelso
There are advertisements for J & J Johnston’s harness and saddlery in 1861 and 1862 issues of the New Zealand newspaper The Lyttleton Times. Also James Johnston is referred to as commissioner of another saddler’s estate in an 1878 edition of the Edinburgh Gazette.

Made Specially for Holbrow & Co by Barnsby, London
Holbrow & Co of 40, Duke Street, St James were better known as fishing suppliers, but they were also mentioned in Moray Brown’s 1895 book “Polo”

F.V.Nicholls, Jermyn St, Haymarket, London SW, Horse clothing, saddlery, harness whips &c
F.V.Nicholls advertised their “New level-seat sidesaddle with Adjustable Third Crutch & Other Improvements in the 1881 edition of “Ladies on Horseback, Learning Riding & Hunting” by Nannie Power O’Donoghue (what is it about 19th century author’s names?)
In the 20 November 1886 edition of “The Spirit of the Times”, a New York newspaper, another advertisement appears for the level seat saddle as well as safety stirrups and dog and horse muzzles.
It is possible that this F.V.Nicholls was also the owner of “Thibet” an entrant in the 1897 Kennel Club Show.

And that’s the end of the first row, on to row 2

D.McDougal, 17 Finsbury Pavement, London
McDougal is recorded in the 1872 records of the Old Bailey, giving evidence against a lodger who had bounced cheques all over London

E. Hollingshead & Sons, Makers, Melton Mowbray
There are still secondhand Hollingshead saddles around. The shop still exists, but seems to be a general leather goods store.

F.E.Gibson (Saddlers) Ltd, Newmarket
Founded in the early twentieth century by Colonel F.E.Gibson, this company is still going and have a website here

Army & Navy Company Stores Limited saddle badge

Army & Navy C.S.L. , Makers, 105 Victoria St., Westminster, London SW
Army & Navy Company Stores Limited were formed by a group of army and navy officers in 1871, their first shop opened in 1872 supplying firearms, clothing and saddlery. The name was changed in 1934 to Army & Navy Store Ltd. The company was taken over by the House of Fraser in 1973.

Bartley Bros & Hall, Saddlers, 20 Portman St., Portman Square., London, New York
I have seen a brooch in the form of a spur stamped “Bartley Bros & Hall” and “Eglentine”, but I am not sure of their link to the Eglentine trademark. The New York branch of the company advertised in the New York Herald in 1912. The company also appeared in a Tariff Hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Ways and Means in 1913 over various containers of leather goods, presumably imported from England.

Parker Bros. Saddlers, Little St. Andrew Street, London WC
Thomas Parker trading as Parker Bros, 7,8,9,10 Little St Andrew Street and 5,6,7 Lumber Court was declared bankrupt, this was reported in the London Gazette in 1911.

George Parker & Sons Saddlery, Established 1851
There is a 1911 catalogue online here , at this time George Parker & Sons were operating from 17,18 &19 Upper St Martins Lane WC2, but they had been at 12 Upper St Martins Lane. I think that the company ceased trading in the late 20th century but have not found an exact date.

Peat, Saddler & Harness Maker, 173 Piccadilly, London
The company held a Royal warrant & was mentioned in Dickens’ 1879 directory and “Ladies on Horseback”. The Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice ordered the sale of the business and the leasehold on 16 July 1884 following a court case against Latchford – presumably over a debt to the loriner.
There was a saddler called Peat in nearby Villiers Place between 1838 & 40, recorded in John Tallis’s London Street Views – a relative?

Moss Stone & Co Ltd “Eldonian” Walsall England
This company are recorded in the “Saddlery & Harness” trade journal in July 1903 : Messrs Moss Stone & Co of the Imperial Saddlery Works. The firm has patented a sidesaddle, “The Climax”…

The Eldonian name was bought by Jeffries in 1987

G.Aldridge & Son est 1879, Reading
Now a luggage shop in Friar Street, do have a look at their history page including a marvellous photo of an elephant being fitted with a leather boot here (Please be patient, it’s a slideshow)

Parker & Parker, 10 & 11 Upper St Martins Lane

George Parker & Sons, Saddlers, Eng
Sale Agents Edmondson & Co, Valparaiso, Chili

And that’s how Chile is spelt on the label. Edmondson & Co are mentioned in the Kelly directory of 1903

Ford Saddler, Ledbury
The Ledbury portal website has an article on shopping in the town in the late 1930′s by Pip Powell. He describes “Mr Ford in New Street, a brilliant saddler and harness maker…”

Perrott Bros. Saddlers Kingsbridge
Perrott Bros Harness makers, Fore Street appear in the Kelly directory around 1923

Nijmeegsche, Nijmegin, Zadelmaker

Shepherd & Son, Saddlers, Brackley
Still there.

Bainsbridge & Co Ltd, Trunkmakers & Saddlers

W.H. Wright, Saddler & Harness Maker, 40 Brompton Rd., London SW
I cannot find any references to Wright, but interestingly this address was home to the Hunt Servants’ Benefit Society.

Wilkinson & Kidd, 5 Hanover Square, London, Established 1786

George Curnew, Saddler & Harness Maker, 18 Upper George St., Bryanston Sq., London W.
The London Gazette of July 5 1898 reported
“Partnership between George Curnew and William Augustus Edelston carrying on business as Saddlers and Harness Makers and Cycle Warehousemen at 18 & 18A Upper George Street, Bryanston Square, Marylebone under the style or firm of Curnew and Edelston has been dissolved by mutual consent and as from the twenty fourth day of June 1898… and that in future such business will be carried on by the said George Curnew”

E.Hollingshead & Son

J.Brown, Saddler, Harrogate
Tennants Auctioneers in Yorkshire sold a sign last year (2011). It was a cast iron figure of a jockey holding a wooden plaque which read “J.Brown & Co Saddlery, Quality saddles, bridles, halters, blinkers, traces, reins, harnesses. 37 Chapel Street, Harrogate”

The North West Tannery Co. Ltd., Cawnpore
This company was established in 1881 in what has been known since 1948 as Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India. The Tannery company amalgamated with several others including the Cawnpore Woollen Mills and Army Cloths Manufacturing Co.Ltd in 1920 to become the British India Corporation Ltd.

Giddens of London, 74 New Oxford St., London WC1

Parker Bros. Saddlers, Little St.Andrew St., London

A. Pariani Selleria, via Filodrammatici 6, Milano
Founded in 1903. The famous showjumper and trainer Toptani acknowledged Pariani’s to be the first spring tree saddles to embrace Caprilli’s “il sistema”. The company still exists and has a website

Wilson & Son, Saddler Redmile
Wilson, George is recorded as a saddler and parish councillor in Redmile in 1899, by 1904 he is “saddler, harness maker and cowkeeper”. In 1932 Wilson, Geo. & Son, saddlers & harness makers are recorded, complete with phone number

Smith, Englefield & Co Ltd, Saddlers, Estd. 1843, Nottingham
Still producing leather goods in Nottingham

A.McDougall & Son Ltd., Saddlers, 22 City Road, Finsbury, London EC1
Established in 1770, McDougall bought Owen & Co in the 1940′s, they were bought by Gidden in 1959. I have taken these dates from Nick Creaton’s saddlery museum pages :

Made in England for John S. Garrett Jr., West Chester
Importers of Best Eng. Saddlery

I can find a reference to Garretts Harness Store in Polk’s directory 1932-33

James Fo**, Saddlers, Wetherby
The plaque is rubbed, but I’m assuming this is James Fox Saddlers who have been established in Wetherby for over one hundred years.

Beasley Saddler, Northampton

Rice Bros Saddlers, Uckfield
Rice Bros began in 1895 as saddlers, later they became coachbuilders and dealers in agricultural machinery & finally motor engineers.

Leslie Gordon Stevens & Co. Ltd., Saddlery, Horse Clothiers, Earlsfield, London

J.H. Bouman, 66 Denneveg 66, Den Haag

Newman **wood ***estone

Hervey, Saddler, Romford
George William Hervey, is recorded as a saddler, High Street, Romsey in the 1874 Post Office Directory and Kelly’s 1882 directory

**ederick Lee, London & New York

Saddle label from Argentina

Lacey & Sons, Sarmiento 562, Buenos Aires
Founded by a famous 10 handicap polo player Lewis (or Luiz Lorenzo) Lacey , these sporting equipment dealers are mentioned in W.T.Blake’s 1953 travel book “From Sea to Sea in South America”. They stopped trading in 1958.

W & H Gidden Ltd., Streatham Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1
Harness, Saddlers & Leather Goods Manufacturers since 1806

J. E. Dunn, Saddles, Harness Maker, Kenilworth

Turf & Travel inc the Emeston Saddlery Company
Saddlers & Horse Clothiers, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

H & A Bartley Saddlers, 20a Portman St., London W & New York

W.Mayhew Ltd., 62 Seymour St., London W.
Royal Warrant to Her Majesty

Mayhew started in the early 1880′s from this address. They stopped trading in the 1940′s. Miss Mayhew gave the company patterns and records to Major Wilton of Champion & Wilton. (Information from Nick Creaton’s saddle museum page)

A McDougall & Son Ltd., Saddlers, 201 Upper Thames Street., London EC4

C.M.Smith & Co, Late Rumsey Saddlers, 62 Park St, Bristol
A saddler William Rumsey appears in Pigot’s Directory of Gloucestershire 1930 at 17, North Street Bristol, and Rumsey is mentioned in Slater’s 1868 directory of Bristol saddlers etc. Smith saddlers are listed in Park Street in 1900, but at number 22, not 62.

Bartley Bros & Hall, Est 1795, New York, London

Distas Limited Sporting Saddlers, 53 Walm Lane, London NW2
I have seen “Catalogues of Hunting and Racing Requisites” from 1930 and 1931. On 10 February 1950 The London Gazette reported that the company had been dissolved

J & J Johnston Saddles & Harness Makers, 1 Bridge Street, Kelso

The North West Tannery Co., Makers, Cawnpore

J.E.Dunn, Kenilworth

Mount Farm Stables Saddlery Store, Penn, Wolverhampton

Ford Saddler, Ledbury

A. Davis & Co, Saddler, 10 Strand, London
There are various adverts for A. Davis & Co in Australian newspapers in 1870, the Spirit of the Times (New York) March 1875, and the Gentleman’s Newspaper 1894

Estd. 1845, Andrews Saddler, Oxford
H.Andrews, Saddler & Harness Maker is recorded at 141 High Street Oxford between 1861 and 1891. There is a picture of the shopfront on an English Heritage webpage

A.S.Tanner, Saddler, Malmesbury

Wilson & Son Saddlers, Redmile, Notts

Antique Saddle Label

Sowter & Co., 10 Symon’s Street, London SW3
Hunting Saddles, Harness &c &c
Saddles for the East & West Indies

Sowter were established in 1848, they were bought by Harry Hall in 1967

Made in England by Butler Bros (Walsall) Ltd, established over a century
In January 1895 Saddlery & Harness Magazine reported that “Messrs Butler Bros of 48 Park Street Walsall are dissolving their partnership. One brother Henry Butler is taking the Australian branch of the business and the other brother John Edward Butler is taking New Zealand.”. However, a 1967 Butler Bros calender hangs in Walsall Leather Museum

W.R.Box & Co, 68 Dame Street, Dublin, Saddlers & Harness Mkrs
Box & Co exhibited in the Irish Exhibition of 1864, advertising that they were established in 1810. The company moved to Dame Street in 1903 under new management

Wilkinson & Kidd

Grubb, Saddler, Fenny Compton
Oliver Grubb and his sons Oliver and Walter were recorded as harness makers in Fenny Compton in the 1891 census

Deluxe Saddlery, Baltimore MD
This saddlery is now closed, it seems to have been in business from 1950 -1978, a websearch finds many affectionate references to it in various fora.

Custom Saddlery made for Boots & Saddles (Horsham) Sussex, England
I’ve found a couple of secondhand saddles for sale, but no real information

Smith, Englefield & Co. Ltd., Saddlers, Estd 1843 Nottingham

Cochran & Co Hunting Saddles Leamington

Oswald Bailey, Saddler, Monmouth
There is an Oswald Bailey outdoor clothing company established in 1906 with branches around the UK

Robert Johnston Ltd., 103/105 North St., Belfast

Made in England for John S.Garrett Jr., West Chester, Importer of Best Eng. Saddlery

Vintage saddle label

Whippy Stegall & Co., 457 Oxford Street, London
English Heritage’s archive records Benjamin Whipp(e)y, saddler as resident on North Audley Street from the 1790′s, the company became Whippy Stegall & Flemming and Whippy Stegall & Co and occupied the address until World War II when the building was damaged by bombing.
Whippy Stegall & Co were bought by Champion & Wilton in 1947

D. Mason & Sons, Birmingham
This company dates back at least as far as 1870, it started as J.Mason & Sons. An 1891 edition of the Saddlery & Harness Journal reported that “D.Mason & Sons of Bath Row, Birmingham win government contract”.
I have seen quite a lot of military equipment by this maker, dating up to the 1940′s.

Plaque from Champion & Wilton saddle

Champion & Wilton Saddlers, 36 North Audley St., London
The company was established in 1786 by Matthew Wilson in Oxford Street, in 1825 it became Wilson & Wilkinson. There were serveral mergers and buyouts until Gidden bought the company in 1961. For a better history look at Nick Creaton BHSI’s website

Miles & Son Saddlers, Dorchester
Listed in Kelly’s Directory 1915

Gidden, Streatham Street, London WC

Army & Navy C.S.L. Makers, 105 Victoria St., Westminster, London SW

Equipements pour Officiers, Paul Goujard, Rue St Nicolas, Saumur
I cannot find any references to this saddler, but presumably they supplied the Cadre Noir . (The Cadre Noir is the French national school of equitation – a bit like the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, but with much better uniforms.)

Sydney Ingham Saddler, Salisbury

Thomas Berney Saddler, Kilcullen
Founded in 1880 by Peter Berney, this saddlery business is still going strong. They have a rather good Website

F.W.Mayhew, Royal Warrant to the King, Seymour St
This is a later label, the previous one showed a Royal warrant to the Queen (Victoria), this is likely to refer to Edward VII or George V.

Frost Saddle Manufacturers, Saddle No.3549, Bawtry & York
There is a racing saddlery company “T.Frost (Bawtry)” founded in 1804, they have a website here

Grande Selleria Suggessori, ***itta D. Carlett**, Roma via dell umilta 27
I can find the road, but no reference to the saddler.

Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd., Makers, Victoria St., London
Perhaps an earlier label, it takes the form of a brass star

Label from Edwardian saddle

Owen, By Appointment to Her Late Majesty, Saddle & Harness Makers, 62 Duke St., Grosvenor Square, London. Saddle & Harness Makers, Whips, Spurs &c. And for Exportation
Founded by Henry Owen before 1839 the company was bought by A.McDougall & Son who were in turn purchased by Gidden in 1959. This label is probably Edwardian (1901-1910), referring to the late Queen Victoria.

Saddle badge from Rock Island Arsenal

Rock Island Arsenal 1914
Located on Arsenal Island, originally known as Rock Island, on the Mississippi River between the cities of Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island, Illinois. Rock Island arsenal produced military leather accoutrements and field gear between the 1880′s and 1940′s.

Norman Saddler, 5 North Street, Taunton
An Ernest Edward Norman had saddlery shops in Taunton and Minehead. A dividend notice from the company was published on 25 September 1925 in the London Gazette.

Jennings Saddler, Salisbury

Edward Mason, Saddler & Harness Maker, Gravesend
Medway Council Archives hold a receipt from Edward Mason, Saddler, 81-82 New Road, Gravesend, dated 11 January 1910

Whippy Steggall & Co, North Audley Street, London

Myers, Maker, Richmond Yorkshire

J.W. Warner, Saddler, Rugby

Andrews, Late Denyer, Saddler, Oxford
William Denyer is recorded as a saddler and the publican of the William IV at 57 Holywell Street, Oxford in directories from 1841 and 1851. In 1861 Denyer is recorded at 141 High Street, Oxford. Andrews also appears as a saddler at 141 High Street, Oxford between 1861 and 1918.

W.W.Bridge Saddler 23 & 24 Wormwood St., London EC

Bliss of London Est 1840
An article about the company in Saddlery & Harness February 1892 was titled “Bliss & Co, Pioneers of the Trade No.7″. Bliss of London are still active and about to launch a website, they do have a Facebook page

J.E.Dunn Saddle & Harness Maker, Kenilworth

Moss Bros of Covent Garden, Saddlers

Orpwood, Gold Medal Saddles, Bits for Pullers, Non-Slipping Reins &c., Court Saddler, Oxford
Orpwood saddlers are recorded at 19, Cornmarket, Oxford from 1872. Initially William Samuel Orpwood , between 1880 and 1890 the widowed Mrs Emma Orpwood and her children including in 1881 William, aged 14 and a saddler’s assistant. From 1899 to 1914 William Samuel Orpwood (presumably the son) ran a saddler’s at the address.

Hijo de Salvator Deltell, Casa el Valenciano en via ****, Madrid
A current Madrid shopping guide shows that this shop still exists at Ribero de Curtidores 16 and was established in 1880.

D.McDougall, 17 Finsbury Pavement

Tompkins Saddler Bicester
The London Gazette of 28 October 1879 records that the partnership was dissolved between William Tompkins & William John Tompkins (Tompkins & Son) and all business was taken on by Mr John Tompkins of Sheep Street.

Equestrian Breakable Head Tree

Butler Brothers Makers, Established a Century, London & Walsall

A.Ogilvie & Co., Late Mirrlees & Co., Glasgow
On 12 March 1859 the Lyttleton Times (New Zealand) carried an advert “Superior hunting saddles, horse cart harness &c from Messrs Mirrlees & Co, Buchanan St. Glasgow. Well known in the Australian colonies for their superior workmanship”

A.J.Garnett, 5 Goswell Rd and 75 & 82 Long Lane, City, London EC
The Evening Post of 23 December 1919 records that Henry, Frank and Arthur Garnett were jailed for between six and eight months for filing fraudulent tax returns between 1910 and 1917. They seem to have recovered from this setback, there are many patents filed under the name A.J.Garnett between 1926 and 1946, mostly for improvements to travelling cases.

Champion & Wilton, Late Wilkinson & Co., 457 & 459 Oxford St., London

Boyce & Rogers, Saddlers, Newmarket
This shop featured in the 1954 film “The Rainbow Jacket“, the film shows a stuffed horse in the shop – “Robert the Devil”, the 1880 winner of the St.Leger. “Robert the Devil” now resides at Gibsons saddlers, who bought Boyce & Rogers in the 1960′s

A. McDougall & Son Saddlers, 22 City Road, Finsbury, London EC1

J.A.H. Jeffries & Sons, Saddlery Manufacturers, Walsall Eng
Established in 1820 and still going

Champion & Wilton, 457 & 459 Oxford St., London

Saddle label from Laird

Laird, Cape Town
Still going

Geo. Parker & Sons, London, Established 1851,
Hunting Saddles, Harness &c &c,
Saddles to the East & West Indies and South America

They seem to have expanded their territories since the earlier label

Champion & Wilton

Andy Watt & Sons, Saddlers, Edinburgh

Peat saddle label

Peat, 50 Jermyn st., Late Piccadilly, London
Peat were recorded in Dickens Directory of 1879 at 173 Piccadilly, so the move to Jermyn Street must have been later. The company appears in a list of Tradesmen with a Royal Warrant in the London Gazette on 2 January 1906.

Gibson & Roberts, Saddlers, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

**** Uckfield

Robson & Coupe

Barnsby & Sons, Walsall & London

Ch*****e Saddle & Saddle Tree Manufacturer, Walsall

A Falcon Quality Product for Huntersfield, Banstead Surrey
There is a Huntersfield Farm Riding Centre in Banstead

F.E.Gibson (Saddlers) Ltd., Newmarket

To Her Late Majesty, Owen & Co (Saddlers) Ltd

Andy Watt & Sons, Edinburgh


A. McDougall

Made Specially for Holbrow & Co. by Barnsby London

Peat, 173 Piccadilly

Moss, Stone & Co Ltd, Eldonian, Walsall England


Boots & Saddles, Horsham

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